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The company, with its unique innovation, chlorine dioxide in stabilized form, will provide the world with the most effective disinfection method available today and help to solve the increasing global need for bacteria-free drinking water.

The business was started in 1993 in order to continue and further develop the activities based on an invention and method for forming a stabilized aqueous solution of chlorine dioxide, a gas, which is well-documented as one of the most effective disinfectants we know today.

The hub of the company’s operations is thus the two main areas of innovation:

Water Disinfection
Hand and Surface Disinfection

The company’s products are already used successfully for water disinfection by a number of well-known companies and organizations all over the world.
Here, too, more than 40 scientific studies show that the degree of disinfection is superior to other products that are currently available on the market.
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