Water, hand and surface disinfection

Few drops makes difference

Only a few drops of XiniX AquaCare makes the difference between drinking and unsafe water. XINIX has sent water disinfection to Haiti via MSB Agency (the Swedish Rescue Services) and the Star of Hope.

Bacteria-Free Water – A Necessity.

XINIX products are used regularly by tourists, military services, rescue, aid agencies, adventurers, business travelers,  schools and kindergartens.
XINIX AB is an innovative company with water disinfection as its specialty. We develop and market products for water and surface disinfection and for medical care and oral hygiene.

XINIX products are based on a unique Swedish innovation.

XINIX has a long and broad experience in water treatment and focuses its activities on the health and well-being sector with its important disinfection technology. We have put great emphasis on our products intended for water disinfection in places where clean and safe drinking water is not available. Out in the countryside, on trips or in connection with disasters and especially in countries where there is only contaminated water available.

The company’s products have great advantages, as they provide the user bacteria free water taste and odor-free and have a well-documented effect.

Our goal is to always offer our customers the best and most effective products to prevent unwanted diseases eg due to polluted water.