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New factory in Bangladesh for production of XiniX products for the Asian market.


Since more than a year we have been constructing our new production facility in Dhaka Bangladesh for production of the XiniX products for the Asian market. In cooperation with our partners we are happy to be up and running. There is a huge demand for XiniX products in the area and this is just one of many production units we will set up.

A prestige order


May 5th XinX receives a prestige order in strong competition with other suppliers. Rolls-Royce has chosen XiniX as its supplier of disinfection products.

How do we handle the Covid-19 pandemic?


Swecare interviews XiniX on how we help in the Covid-19 pandemic.

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We are giving away 5% of our sales for helping the world!


XiniX International AB allocates 5% of its sales to XiniX foundation. The purpose is to make it possible for more people to have a bacteria-free drinking water.

XiniX is a proud sponsor of WaterAid


XiniX is partnering up with WaterAid during Covid-19 to help WaterAid raise fund for those in need in other countries.

We are producing more than ever!


XiniX is moving to larger premises. Since we have 500mto operate on, we can also handle a larger production. The same week, we got our new water machine running, which enables a production capacity of more than 50 mper day.



If you use XiniX products continuously the risk of you keeping yourself infected drops significantly! This is proven by test according to EN14476 standard.

You can see all our tests against viruses, bacteria, fungus and more here

The XiniX team is expanding


Because of the Covid-19 outbreak, we now receive orders from customers we were intending to process later in the year. The XiniX team is expanding, we are now hiring 12 new employees to handle the production.

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