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XiniX AquaCare® 10 ml

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XiniX AquaCare® is an effective, and easy to use, water disinfection. Eliminates all pathogens viruses, bacteria and fungus.

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XiniX AquaCare® is the chlorine dioxide-based product disinfects water and ensures that it is free from disease-producing microorganisms. Have a bottle of XiniX AquaCare® in your pocket or bag, you never know when it will be relevant to make sure that your drinking water is safe and free from disease-producing microorganisms.

  • AquaCare leaves no side effects on the disinfected water.
    AquaCare is environmentally friendly, the only thing that remains in the water is barely measurable amounts of salt.
  • AquaCare is about 3 times as effective as chlorine-based products.
  • AquaCare is available in several different sizes, all to suit your needs.

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