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XiniX HanDes® 300 ml

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HanDes® is a disinfection for hands. Eliminates all pathogens viruses, bacteria and fungus.

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HanDes® is a water-based stabilised chlorine dioxide which is a proven, effective and environmentally friendly hand disinfection. As a ready-mixed product, it is easy to apply to hands. It provides a quick and effective elimination of microorganisms without drying out the skin or other sensitive surfaces. It does not leave unwanted effects such as odours or residues.
  • Reduces the skin flora that can generate and transmit diseases. Also inactivate spore-forming bacteria.
  • Effective, significantly more efficient than the corresponding alcohol-based products, and also requires significantly shorter contact time.
    This means that where 3 ml alcohol-based disinfectant is needed, only 0.6 ml of HanDes® is needed.
    HanDes® is also active against so-called naked viruses, such as winter sickness, in comparison to alcohol.
  • For everyone who needs a hand disinfection, older or younger.
  • Environmentally friendly, harmless even to animals and nature.
  • Not dehydrating, for skin or other sensitive surfaces. Can be used several times per hour.
  • Approved, by 6 EN standards.

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