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XiniX FreeBact®

XiniX FreeBact® disinfects water in tanks, large and small. Up to 12,000 liters of drinking water can be disinfected from disease-producing microorganisms using XiniX FreeBact®.

  • XiniX FreeBact® is environmentally friendly, the only thing that remains in the water is barely measurable amounts of salt.
  • XiniX FreeBact® is about 3 times as effective as chlorine-based products.
  • XiniX FreeBact® is available in several different sizes, all to suit your needs.



Stabilised Chlorine dioxide: ClO2 pH 1,2
Volume: 15-300 ml
Bottle material: PET/PP
Best if used by: According to labeling, usually 8 years from date.
Consumed by: Within 48 hours after activation.


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