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XiniX HanDes®

HanDes® is ideal for hand- and surface disinfection. HanDes® eliminates all pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and fungus. HanDes® is intended to be used wherever people meet, such as public rooms, medical facilities, etc. As a ready-mixed product, it is easy to apply to your hands.

  • Reduces the skin flora that can generate and transmit diseases. Also inactivates spore-forming bacteria.
  • More effective than the corresponding alcohol-based products, and also requires shorter contact time.
    This means that where 3 ml alcohol-based disinfectant is needed, only 0.6 ml of HanDes® is required.
    HanDes® is also active against so-called naked viruses, such as winter sickness, contrary to alcohol.
  • It does not have unwanted effects such as odours or residues.
  • For everyone, suitable for anyone who needs a hand disinfection, older or younger.
  • Environmentally friendly, harmless to humans, animals and nature.
  • Not dehydrating. Can be used several times per hour.



Stabilised Chlorine dioxide: ClO2 pH 1,2
Volume: 25-500 ml
Storage: Preferably dark and cool 
Bottle material:
Best if used by: According to labeling, usually 1 year.
Consumed by: Within 60 days after the bottle has been opened.


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