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Bacteria-free drinking water

– A human right!

The purpose of the foundation is to enable those who cannot afford to pay for bacteria-free drinking water to be able to receive it anyway. This is done by raising funds used to subsidise the cost of installing water treatment plants in villages, that do not have access to drinking water. By setting up local plants, the plastic bottles and debris that are being reduced.

How XiniX foundation work


If we do not have clean drinking water, we get a variety of diseases. Through our simple and locally adapted system of filtration and late disinfection, we can ensure that a village has bacteria-free drinking water for many years to come at a very low cost. Much cheaper than buying bottled water or pulling pipes from waterworks far away.

We have the experience

We are experts on water treatment. We have been working with this for more than 28 years. We have worked in the most frightening environments in disasters such as, the Ebola in Guinea, the Tsunami in Asia, the earthquake in Haiti. The earthquake in Pakistan with several sites. We know how to construct facilities that will work even after we leave the area.


We cooperate fully with local organizations. Red Cross, WaterAid, MSF UN and many more organizations. The reason for this is that they have local knowledge and staff in place who know the language. We know water, that’s our area of expertise. We do not see that we are competing in any way, but in collaboration we can do so much more. It is not reasonable for us to go with staff everywhere when there are already aid organizations in place. Through our training of local staff we can keep costs down and ensure that more and more people have access to bacteria-free drinking water.

The link to XiniX International AB?

XiniX International allocates 5% of its sales to the foundation. This enables the foundation to have rolling revenue at all times and can conduct its business even if donations vary over time.

We collaborate and work in common premises. XiniX foundation can thus keep costs down and all income and expenses are reported openly and transparently on our web. This ensures that everyone has full transparency in our operations. Both donors and those who need our help. Therefore, all communication is also in English because we operate internationally.


A village with, for example, 3000 inhabitants with a river or lake nearby has no problem getting a bacteria-free drinking water. First, the raw water to which they have access is analyzed. A filtration plant of the simplest kind but materials they can find in their vicinity are designed to filter out iron, manganese, humus, mercury or other contaminants that may be present in the raw water. The river in the picture contains precisely those pollutants. After the filtration is set up, in this case first a pump, 100 m hose, drip rack and 6 barrels which filter, water is collected in a tank. There it is disinfected and then it is just drinking. The cost of a plant is about SEK 100,000. The operation per year is less than 10 öre per liter. They pay this operating cost entirely themselves and pay for the installation for 5 years. The volume of production must be adjusted to the expected consumption, which can amount to 50-100 liters per person per day, although it is much less consumed today. If you have drinking water then you start to shower in it, cook and wash clothes. For us in the West quite ordinary but for almost 1 billion people a dream that we want to make real.


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